Notes on the Journey

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Beginning

This is my first blog posting.  I'm in the process of retiring and going through a lot of emotion and thought around it.

After working in the film industry as a script supervisor for 30 years, retiring is a big step.  Because I'm taking early retirement, it pretty much means I'm closing a door and putting a lock on it.  So, I'm excited and mourning all at the same time.  I'm excited to have freedom and to be open to new possibilities and new opportunities.  But, I mourn the letting go of a way of life that has served me very well for a long time.

Script supervising and working on a movie set is a very social and collaborative thing to do.  Your immediate family becomes a couple of hundred people with whom you work closely in intense situations for 12 to 14 hours a day for months on end.  By retiring, I'm reducing my social interaction radically.  I tend to be a hermit and film production always counteracted those tendencies.  But, now, I'm going to have to put more conscious effort into getting out into the world.

I'm also going through the wrenching experience of rehoming my three cats.  I've been in deep denial about my allergies to them for a very long time.  I'm on medication for asthma, allergies and inflammation and am realizing that by having them in my environment I'm compromising my health.  I love them so much and have tried any number of healing sessions and protocols to release my reaction to them, but nothing has worked, and now rehoming seems to be what is called for.

So, not only am I mourning the letting go of how I've lived my life for the last 30 years, I'm also letting go of my long-term animal relationships.  It's a lot to ask of myself.

If any of you want to know more about my cats or are interested in providing a loving home for any of them, please let me know.


  1. trudy i love you and am so eager to read and learn more about my friend.

    i am sorry about your allergies as i know how dearly you love your kitties.

    i also understand the difficulty of letting go of anything. job or kitties.

    in my life one of my hardest lessons is to truly let go. but again and again i am taught that it truly leads to freedom of the heart.

    you and your kitties will continue to have a life of love always.


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