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Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Beasts of the Southern Wild"

I saw the movie "Beasts of the Southern Wild" tonight and I can not recommend it highly enough.  It is a wonderful movie with amazingly realistic performances from the actors.  The main character, a little girl named Hush Puppy, is a force of nature.

The characters in the movie are free in a way that most of are never free.  And, they choose their freedom and their bond with each other over any other alternative.  They are a family, although mostly not by blood.  They don't have much in terms of how most of us see things, but they have each other, and they live in an attitude of acceptance.  They're people with challenges and their reality isn't easy, but they meet it unblinkingly, albeit with a certain amount of self-medicating.  They don't ask for much from life, and enjoy what they have.

There's a simplicity and a strength to them.  They don't look outside their own community for help and don't want any interference.  They treasure their way of life and can't imagine any other.  They're creative and resourceful in ways that most of us are never called upon to be.  And, they believe in themselves and their ability to survive.

It's a clean story, that's touching in a non-manipulative way.  A story that looks at the hard stuff without flinching.  A story that shows people becoming stronger, not weaker, through the trials of life.  It's also a bit magical and mystical, but that's how Life is.

It's an empowering and life-affirming movie that should not be missed.  Do yourselves a favor and give the blockbusters a rest for a bit and go see a movie of the heart with lots of soul.

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