Notes on the Journey

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It’s still dark enough that there are no colors yet.  Everything is in silhouette.  The leaves and birds are black against the lightening gray sky.  It’s quiet.  I’m not usually a morning person, but I do appreciate the early morning hours once I’m awake.

One of the things I liked when I was working as a script supervisor was the early mornings that I most likely wouldn’t have experienced if I didn’t have a 7:00am call.  The sunrises I got to see because I had to be up for work.  I’ve found sunrises to be more subtle than sunsets, the colors softer, the air more still, the sounds more quiet.
Sunrises are hopeful, the day is just beginning, all possibility lies ahead.  By sunset the day is behind us and there are things to reflect upon.  We’re either feeling satisfied by what we’ve accomplished, or relieved that the day is finally over.  But, sunrises are fresh and filled with the anticipation of what will unfold.  Will is be a “good” day?  Will it bring happiness?  Fulfillment?  Satisfaction?  Joy?  Love?  Challenge?  Sorrow?  Will something occur that will change things forever?

Or, do we greet the day with dread?  Are we in the middle of something that continues from day to day with such great challenge and pressure that the sunrise only brings pain?  When will this be over?  Will the intensity of this grief ever end?  Will I ever feel joy again?  What was I thinking when I agreed to this?  how could I have possibly thought this was a good idea…or, that I could have done this?

But then, we notice the sun just touching the top of the tree.  The leaf suddenly green and alive and moving in its dance with the breeze that just came up.  And, the sky behind it turns the lightest of pinks before it turns blue.  And, we hear the bird sing.  And, for a moment, we’re able to forget the things that weigh us down.  Maybe today will be different…maybe today good news will come…maybe today there will be some relief…maybe today I can let go…maybe today is the day.

But, whatever the day brings, may I open to receive it in its fullness.  May I release all resistance to the gifts it brings, no matter the form they take.  May I open my heart and my mind to all the experience that unfolds.  May I see the truth of whatever presents itself and not hide.  May I find peace and equanimity in the midst of chaos.  May I trust in the perfection of all things and not shy away from things I don’t understand.  May I see the beauty that’s always there.  May I feel gratitude for each breath I take.  May I always remember who I AM.

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