Notes on the Journey

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Receptivity and the New Field

In my last post, I titled it "Enjoy Every Minute," but better would have been "Receive Every Minute."  Humanly, it's difficult to enjoy every minute.  Some minutes are excruciating and painful; but, it is possible to receive every minute.

What we've done is to go into resistance when something is unpleasant, uncomfortable, painful, sad or otherwise unwanted.  If we were able to receive every minute, it would mean that we were able to be with whatever was happening in the truth of it, not in resistance to it.  Once we go into resistance, we shut down the truth of the experience.  We stop receiving whatever the experience is and don't allow it to move through our being.  This is how we get stuck, or loop on what we consider to be a negative experience.  Resistance has been an effective survival technique, but we're at a point where receptivity actually serves us better than resistance.

My cat, Buddy, got sick and I took him to the vet the end of last week.  At first, the vet broke my heart by telling me that she thought Buddy was in kidney failure.  I cried for a very long time, during which the vet was running tests to see what was really going on with Buddy.  And, during that time, I totally went into the energy of grieving, thinking that I might lose him.  And, by going through that, I opened my heart even more to him--which I didn't know was even possible, considering how much already I love him--and love just flooded my being.  I surrendered into the grief, I surrendered into the sadness of his loss and let all those emotions move through me.  And then, the vet called to tell me that, happily, Buddy's kidneys were just fine, and that he had some type of unknown infection that they were giving him antibiotics for and that he had a hyperthyroid condition, for which I will have to give him continuing medication every day for the rest of his life.  But, he was fine in general.  Thank goodness!

Buddy has recovered and is eating and will hopefully gain back the four pounds of weight he's lost over the last year.  He's now wandering around the house talking and yelling at me like he always does.  And, the love I opened into during my period of grief is still present.  Buddy is now even more beloved that he was before.  I'm more present to him and more grateful for him than I was before.

Yesterday, I went to an event for 12/21/12.  During this event, people were speaking about what they thought the new field would bring, and what they wanted to affirm or manifest for themselves in the new field.  Many people were saying that we should, or they hoped we would, choose love instead of fear.  And, even though that's a nice idea, the words struck me as incongruent to the new field.  The new field, Ama Ra, is unity.  In the new field, duality is not the way things are set up.  There is no either/or, there is all.  And, in the very concept that we should choose love, it sets up the duality that there is something other than love that could be chosen.  When love is all there is, there is no other choice to be made, even when it looks like another choice has been made or could be made.

The other word that bothered me, in the context of choosing love, is the word love itself.  We've used the word love in the human context of how we feel toward another human being or animal or thing.  We understand it as an emotion, but not as a state of being.  Yes, love is all there is, but what is love really?  How do we define love?  Isn't love total acceptance of another, total receptivity of another, total support of well as the same things for ourselves?  That is the way the new field is in regard to us.  We are part and parcel in and of the new field.  We are totally accepted, received and supported by the new field.  It holds and is all that is, and we are in unity with that.  I AM that I AM.  And, that is love.  But, it's a kind of love that our word for love can't come close to expressing.  We need a new word for this all inclusive field and experience.

The new field receives every moment in the truth of what it is, no matter what it is.  There is no judgment, or veil of perspective through which things are filtered; there is open, all inclusive acceptance and receptivity.  The field responds to the truth of the moment, not to some expectation or judgment of what that moment should be.  When we are able to receive every moment without resistance, we're in resonance with the new field.  We might have a response to whatever the moment is presenting, but if we're able to be with it in the truth of what it is, we won't go into reaction.  Going into reaction is the same as going into resistance.  We react to things that are other than what we want them to be.  We respond to things when we're able to see them in the truth of what they are.

The new field operates through resonance.  We vibrate and resonate with what we are and what we are creating in the world.  And, it is through this resonance that we connect with and operate in the new field.  We need to learn to do things a bit differently than we've done them in the past.  While we were in 3D, and struggling through the density that that implies, we needed a certain amount of drive and will to get things done.  There was a lot to work through.  But, now that we're in 5D, it's about relaxing and connecting into the field and resonating with what we're bringing into being.  It's not about an ego-based will, it's about holding the resonance of what we're creating, vibrating with it, and aligning that vibration with the field.  At that point, we're linked in intention into the field and it can then bring forth what we've energetically implanted.  It's a much more feminine way of doing things.

We connect, implant the vibration into the field, resonate with it, and allow it into being.  There will be actions to be taken, and the field will give those to us, so our part is to listen and to act as we are guided.  In this way, it's like having a conversation with the field.  We implant our creations and then listen as we're told what to do.  In the beginning, as we all get used to working with the new field, it might take a little more focus and intent than it will once we've become accustomed to the process.  But, as we get familiar with it, it will become the norm of how we operate.  It will mean much less effort and more grace.  It also requires clarity and a focus of intention and vibration.  But, we will learn to be better at these things as we go.

And, in order to be in the most receptivity with the field, we need to be able to move through life in a state of receiving every moment without resistance.  See the truth, respond to the truth.  The truth might not be what we want to happen, or to see or experience, but if we're able to receive it none the less, our response to it will be effective and appropriate.  Life contains all level of experience, and when we're able to accept that that means things will happen that are out of our range of preferences, and stop judging our experiences against some expectation of how we think things should be happening, we're more able to see the truth of what is happening and then respond to it, instead of go into reaction to it.

We might not be able to enjoy every moment, but we can certainly receive every moment and be present with whatever is happening.  We can learn to allow the truth of what's happening to move through us without resistance.  We can open up and release everything that's gone before that's gotten stuck because of our resistance.  We can relax into the new field and let it support us.  There are so many more possibilities available to us now.  Life is a new game with new ways of being.  Open and receive the gift that it is.  Receive every moment.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Enjoy Every Minute

I'm sitting in my new apartment in my office, looking out my window that faces west.  It's sunrise and I'm struck by the beauty that lies before me.  We've had our first real snow, so there's a blanket of white over the landscape and I can see a little brown bunny hopping around amid the sparse scrub that dots the white.  Off to the far mountains there's an amazing color of turquoise along the horizon, and above it pink-tinged clouds that reach up to the gray overcast that is most of the sky.  There is a patch of clearing though, so who knows how much more snow we'll get today.

It's been a little over a month since my house was broken into, and in that month I've sold my house--it sold in two days for full list price!--found a lovely apartment at the base of the mountain--I found it the day the offer came in--and moved.  I finally got all of my things into the apartment three days ago; not put away mind you, just all in one place.  It feels great.

I've sold, given away and donated about half of my belongings.  The people who've taken and/or received them are very happy with their new things, and I'm very happy to have less things.  As I go through what's left, I'm still realizing that much of it has to go.  I had put a number of things on my porch/balcony--I'm on the second floor--which are now covered with snow; and, I'm realizing that I must give most of what's out there away before it gets ruined by the weather.

This is what I wanted.  I'm on the edge of the city at the base of the mountain.  I have a view and a sense of expansion.  There's a pool and a hot tub on the property, although I doubt I'll use them until the summer.  The kitties are getting used to their new space, and because they all came in together, and none of them had a chance to stake out their territory ahead of the others, they're getting along better and utilizing the whole apartment.  The old patterns of contention remain, but they're doing much better.

I've barely had a second to think for the past month, but I'm finally starting to relax.  Escrow closes on my house in three days.  It's been blessedly fast.  The only thing I have to go back to the house for is the cleaning people who are coming the day before the closing.  Other than that, I'm completely out.  I went to a Christmas concert last night and then out to dinner with a friend, and on the way home, I stopped at the house to turn off the watering system for the yard.  The house is still my responsibility for a few more days, and I don't want anything untoward to happen while she's under my watch.

I've talked to my house and prayed with her.  I've explained why I'm leaving and she understands.  We've let each other go easily and with much love.  She was a great house for me while I lived in her.  And, I feel good about the new owner, who I think will love and appreciate her as well.  But, as much as I loved her and the fact that she was mine, I'm now happy to be a renter again, and willingly shed the burdens and responsibilities of home ownership.  I feel renewed and free, lighter and more mobile.

I've also been feeling raw and edgy, emotional and cranky.  The stress of the move is a factor, but there's so much light pouring into the planet right now, and we're all struggling to integrate it fast enough not to be overwhelmed by it.  It's affecting every level of our beings as we are lifted up into a new dimension of life.  Our bodies are doing their best to transform from a carbon-based system into a crystalline-based system, but it's a bit of a struggle.  Previously, when a population has been transformed physically, the inhabitants transitioned out of their bodies and then took incarnations into new body forms that worked with the upgrade of vibration for their planet.  But, we are a huge science experiment and are transitioning our bodies while we're still inhabiting them.  It's a first, and we're the pioneers who signed up to go through this process to see if it's possible.  So far, so good.  But, since it's the first time it's been attempted, none of us have any idea how long the process will take or what it will be in actuality.  We're just living it moment by moment and finding out as we go.

We have so much change ahead of us, and it's going to happen rapidly.  Humans don't like change for the most part.  Humans like to hold on to what we've got and settle in.  But, that pattern is going to be challenged and stretched to the limit.  Life is going to reshape us and demand new things of us, we're going to be forced to grow and move way out of our comfort zones.  It's a gift, but not everyone is going to be happy about it.  We often resist the gifts of Life as they come, realizing only later how beneficial they were.  In the crumbling system of duality, we've often judged our gifts to be negative events, when actually they were the very things that pushed us forward and grew us into better beings.  But, as we go forward into the new field and allow the judgments of the past to drop away, hopefully we can open to the opportunity that we're being given and receive it without resistance.  One of my prayers is to be able to drop all resistance to Life, however it shows up.

I keep reminding myself of the tremendous journey we're all on together, and that I wanted to be here for this planetary transition and to be part of this great human experiment of transformation.  It helps to remember when the pressure of the Light coming in gets a bit intense.  We need to build in time-outs for ourselves and remember to breathe.  When we're feeling particularly edgy and raw, if we can step back and remember the larger picture of what's happening, and breathe Life through, we'll be able to expand and integrate more easily.  And, if we're cranky, so are most other people.  So, if someone snaps at you, try not to snap back.  They probably don't even know why they snapped at you and are feeling bad about it, so a kind response will go a long way.

I'm off to make the first cup of coffee in my new apartment.  I finally found the coffee maker this morning.  And, joy of joys, I'd had the wherewithal to pack the filters and the coffee with it!  Hallelujah!  Be kind to yourselves and enjoy every minute, whatever it brings.