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Monday, July 16, 2012

Belly Dancing and the Joy of Movement

My friend asked me to go to a belly dancing class with her.  Thank you!  Movement!  She's been going for over a year and really enjoys it.  It takes place in a health club and she also told me about how reasonably priced it is to join.  It's a third of the price of the other health club I'd checked out.  No wonder I was hesitating!

The class was an hour of using muscles I hadn't used in so long I'd forgotten they were there.  It required coordination I haven't developed yet, but hope to before long.  The music was beautiful.  The space was big enough for all the people who showed up for the class.  The instructor was good at belly dancing and a pleasant and encouraging person.  And, I got to have some fun with my friend.

After the class, my friend and I went to her house to go swimming.  She has a pool!  I'm originally from Southern California where pools are everywhere.  But, in Albuquerque, not so.  I'm not sure why not.  It's certainly hot enough here that having a pool would be a good idea.  Maybe it's the cold winters.  But, surprisingly, my friend has a pool.

Sliding into the water was exquisitely refreshing.  And, there's something about the weightlessness of the water environment that is stress-relieving and relaxing.  The sun was setting so it was still quite warm but not too hot.  We lounged on styrofoam noodles and floated around.  Lovely.

I'm so happy to have been given the gift of my friend's invitation.  And, my body feels better for it and will continue to benefit as time goes by and my muscles figure out what they have to do in order to belly dance.  I'm joining the health club today.  And, my now senior status earns me a sizable discount.  Thursday is salsa dancing!

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