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Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Transmission

My car is in the shop getting a new transmission installed.  The "check engine" light came on a while ago but then went off again, with nothing seeming obviously wrong with the car.  But, when I took the car in for service the beginning of this week and they checked the computer to see why the "check engine" light came on, the codes that came up were indicating a new transmission.  Wow...

When the "check engine" light first came on, I was about two and a half hours into a five and a half hour drive from Albuquerque to Moab, Utah.  Uh oh...  But, I was basically in the middle of nowhere and just kept going.  Plus, I had to get to Moab for a job that started the next morning, so there just couldn't be anything wrong with the car.  Such is the way my mind works.

I continued driving and arrived at Moab with no trouble...thank you car and car angels.  I was driven to work the next few days and my car got a chance to sit in the hotel parking lot and rest.  When I turned the car on to drive home, the "check engine" light was still on.  I had hoped that by giving it a few days rest the light would go out.  Again, such is the way my mind works.  But, no.

I drove home with no trouble and made an appointment to take the car in but, before my appointment date, the "check engine" light went off.  Hmmm...I guess everything is okay.  And again, such is the way my mind works.  So, I called and canceled my service appointment and decided to wait until I was due by mileage.  And, in the interim, the car still seemed to be operating perfectly with no problems. can imagine my surprise when I was told I needed a new transmission.

The great thing is, I have a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe that has a 100,000 mile/10 year power train warranty that covers the new transmission completely.  It won't cost me a penny!  Yay!  As you can tell, this made me very happy.  And, it's perfect that I would need a new transmission in my car at this particular point, because I'm changing gears in my life because I'm retiring.  I love how these things work.

I've had a lovely loaner from the dealer while my car has been waiting for its new transmission to arrive and be installed.  I'll get my car back tomorrow all tuned up and ready to go and will head out immediately to Los Angeles.  The 835 mile drive will break in the new transmission.

I'll write as I can while I'm on the road for the next couple of weeks, but will definitely continue my posts when I get back on or before the 12th.  Via con dios!

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