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Thursday, July 12, 2012


I saw the movie "Ted" last night.  It was unexpectedly funny.  Very raunchy and over the top.  It caught me totally off guard and I found myself laughing at surprising things.

A deeper issue that was an element in the story was the level of neediness in some of the characters.  SPOILER ALERT!  There's a man and his son who feel they need Ted to be a part of their lives.  They go to destructive ends to achieve their desires.  What is the need about?  What do they feel they are lacking that Ted will fulfill?  Why should their desires override Ted's desires for himself?

We've all experienced neediness in varying degrees.  We think someone has something we, knowledge, wealth, influence, talent, and on and on.  And, instead of realizing that we each have everything we need within us, we project our needs outward to those around us.  And, through our neediness, we "cord into" or "hook onto" someone else's energy.

When we cord into someone, we breach the integrity of our own energy field as our energy goes out to the other person.  Once we've breached our energetic field, we open ourselves up to other energies that might want to cord into us, or other energies that might want to attach themselves to us.  When we are corded into anyone else, or have attachments, our energy is constantly being drained and siphoned off, and we are weakened.

If we have strong boundaries, and feel whole and complete within ourselves, and are able to stay with ourselves and remain integral to ourselves, then no one can cord into us and we don't go out of ourselves to cord into anyone else.  We can be in relationship without cording into someone, although for some of us, that's a new concept.  Some of us think that to be in relationship with someone we need to cord into them.  This is something that we do unconsciously.  But, we can start to be conscious of it.  We can start to be aware of where we're feeling needy, or lacking, and of how we leach onto the energy of others.

We can stay integral to ourselves and, instead of going out into another person's energy field in our attempt to know them, or to take from them what we think they have that we need, we can stay with ourselves and allow the other person to reveal themselves through our interaction.  By realizing that we are whole and complete, and that the other person is whole and complete, we can engage in relationship and enjoy an interchange where we don't leach from the other person or allow them to leach from us.  We're then able to accept and honor ourselves and the other for who they are, and to enjoy the mystery and revelation of the relationship to happen without trying to get anything or control anything.

This is something I've only recently started to understand.  In my own process to honor my own wholeness, I've had to see the areas within myself that I've felt were lacking.  I realize that for most of my life I've been cording into other people and allowing them to cord into me.  It's something that I finally understand to be unnecessary and ultimately destructive...better late than never!  So, it's something that I'm hyper-aware of at this point in time.

Anyway, all of this deeper thought aside, go see "Ted" and enjoy some good belly laughs.  Be forewarned that nothing is off limits or precious in this story and just let go and enjoy yourself.

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