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Friday, October 5, 2012

Questions of Origin

I've been asking a lot of questions and doing a lot of research lately about the nature of things and our origins.  The origins of the human race.  Who are we really and where do we come from?  Who and/or what is "God"?  Who was Jesus referring to when he said, " The Father"?  What are angels?

I've always accepted a lot of spiritual information on faith.  If it felt true in my bones, that was enough for me.  We didn't have all the answers and that was okay...until now.  Lately, my curiosity has been going deeper and demanding more.  Mysterious, unspecific and speculative answers, or no answers at all, were not satisfying the hunger of my soul any longer.

As it turns out, there are libraries of historical information that address these deeper questions.  The Egyptian and Sumerian histories, which are not just conjecture, but are very detailed written histories, contain surprising and revelatory narratives of our oldest beginnings.  The history of the Dogon people in Mali, Africa is very old and very specific, as are the histories of native peoples around the planet.  Greek, and Hindu and Indian histories are full of information.  Chinese history is extensive and goes back many thousands of years.  But, because these histories are written or told in languages that are not always easily understood, and require not only translation but interpretation, they've remained somewhat hidden due to mistranslations and limited and confused interpretations.

Many of us tend to translate and interpret things through the limits of our own understanding, or just give up and leave it to mystery.  But, there are those who've approached this information with a broader sensibility and finely-honed linguistic skills.  And, the conclusions they've drawn and substantiated with hard physical evidence, point to our origins as extra-terrestrial.  This didn't surprise me, but what did surprise me was that it is so extensively and definitively documented.  The "Gods" and "angels" it seems are extra-terrestrial beings of abilities and intelligence that exceeds ours.  In our limited understanding of what we were dealing with, and in an attempt to explain these interactions and phenomena, we've used terms that were familiar to try to explain the unfamiliar.

"Fiery chariots," "burning bushes," "winged horses" were all attempts to make sense of things that we had no way of understanding or explaining in the language that was available.  Even today, people are still arguing about whether extra-terrestrials have ever visited our planet, even though the evidence for it is extensive and pervasive.  The answer to the question of whether we've been visited by extra-terrestrials does not seem to be just "yes" but "yes, continuously."  And, in actuality, WE are extra-terrestrials.  We're a seeded humanity with DNA constructed of and by extra-terrestrials.  And, we've been consistently evolved by contact with and mating with extra-terrestrial beings.

Our ancient societies have been given tools, technology and knowledge that is inexplicable and mysterious unless extra-terrestrial contact is considered.  And, this contact continues today.  What do you think channeling is?  At this point in our development as a species, we've raised our vibratory and intelligence levels to the point where it's become easier for our extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters to contact us mind-to-mind and to implant ideas and information into our consciousness without the need to appear to us physically.  Not that there aren't visitations, there are.  But, often, physical visitation isn't necessary.  There have always been prophets throughout history and in all societies, but it would seem that there are more of us now who are open to contact than there have ever been.  Or, maybe there aren't more prophets and contactees, there's just better communication and we're more aware of it.  We're also not as afraid of being burned at the stake for admitting our prophecy and contact as our predecessors were.

So, knowing that we are all extra-terrestrial in origin, that we all have hybrid DNA, that the "Gods/gods" are extra-terrestrial beings, and that off-planet contact is does faith fit into all of this?  What about trust in God?  What about prayer?  What about "God's will"?  What about a "Divine Plan"?  What about "Divine intervention" and the power of "grace"?  Well, it might be time for some reframing of these terms and concepts.  It might be time to consider things in a broader context.  It might be time to "free our minds" of the limitations and concepts we've been living within and to realize that Life is different than we might have thought, and that humans are much more capable and empowered than we've thought.

We've been operating as children under a mommy/daddy god who looks after us, makes decisions for us, implements a divine plan for our lives, loves us and answers our prayers.  This type of thinking abdicates responsibility for ourselves.  By this type of thinking, we put our power in the hands of the "gods" and trundle along, hoping that things will turn out well.  "God willing" is a term that many people use.  But, what if the time for this type of irresponsibility is over?  What if it's time for each and every one of us to take full responsibility for ourselves and accept that we are gods as well?

I think faith is ultimately our faith in ourselves and in the laws of the universe.  I think that real power comes from understanding and consciously utilizing universal laws to benefit ourselves and all life everywhere.  I think trusting in "God" is really trusting in Life, in cosmic law, and in our own inherent power and ability.  I think prayer is a way of putting thought and intention into the context of Life in a concentrated way, and that we're really talking to ourselves when we pray, talking to the larger part of ourselves.  I think there always have been, and still are, extra-terrestrial intelligences that are advanced to us who intervene and evolve our species, but that no matter what their plan might be, the real divine plan is the one we hold for ourselves.  I think that "still small voice" within is our own higher voice, the voice that's connected into Life in a larger context, that's connected into the force that lives and animates us...whatever that is and whatever it's called.

There is a Life, a force, an energy that lives and connects us all, and in which we all have our being.  We are in constant contact with this Life, because it's what lives us, it is us.  And, no matter our origins, Life is Life.  We're free to believe what we will and live lives that are as expansive as we can imagine.  We can open ourselves to big ideas and concepts, or we can keep ourselves small and contained.  We have free will.  It's up to us.  Energy goes where we put our focus.  Relaxing into the flow of Life and staying in conscious connection with the all of Life informs us and helps us to live our lives in more valuable and beneficial ways.  Knowing more does not erode my faith, but only strengthens it.  We're part of an extensive cosmic family.  We're not alone on our tiny planet.  We're members of a much larger society.  And, we're on the verge of coming into conscious contact with that larger society in a much broader way than we've been experiencing up until now.  We're on the verge of being able to consciously participate and contribute to this larger experience of life that being a galactic citizen will allow us.

We're on the verge of meeting and getting to know our true ancestors.  Our planet and our consciousness have evolved to the point where we're going to be able to join a galactic community.  It means bigger challenges and more responsibility, but we're ready for it.  We're ready to graduate into a larger experience of Life, a larger playground.  Knowing and understanding our origins and nature, and taking it out of the realm of mystery, doesn't limit us in any way, but only expands and empowers us and helps to prepare us for our next phase of experience.  These are exciting times.  We're going to experience things that were previously inconceivable.  We're going to be stretched and pushed beyond what we thought was possible.  We're going to realize that Life is so much more expansive than we've been able to imagine.  More is going to be required of us, but we're capable of rising to the occasion.

Everything that's gone before has brought us to this moment in our evolution where we're about to step off a precipice into a much larger and, as yet, unknown way of being.  Historically, we've often reacted to change and expansion with fear and defensiveness, but I'm hoping this time we've grown enough to embrace the gifts that are coming.  I'm hoping we're ready to take our place along side our galactic brothers and sisters and to step into our next phase of being as conscious galactic citizens.  What do you think?  Are you ready to step forward and embrace this next opportunity for growth?  Are you ready to be more than you ever thought you could be?  I think we're all going to have the chance to find out...really soon. 

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  1. Trudy this is the one I was asking about. It's fantastic. Keep up the good work and be well. Much love.