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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Truth Shall Set You Free

I had a session with an animal communicator for my cats.  The animal communicator's name is Madison Owl, and her website is  For all of you with animals, I would highly recommend a session with an animal communicator.  Through this type of communication you learn so much about your animal's thoughts and perceptions and it brings you closer together.

I had an Emotion Code session earlier in the week for the cats and it was the Emotion Code practitioner who recommended Madison.  After the release of some of the blocked emotions, it seemed like a good time for some conversation and communication that can only be facilitated by one whose gift is an ability to communicate with animals in a way that most of us can't.  It has been my deepest desire, ever since Buddy came to live with us two years ago, for all three cats to be friends and to co-exist peacefully.  And, I was so hopeful that the session with Madison would help us to manifest this desire as reality.  But, no.  At least not in the way I'd hoped.

The "no" is not because of any inability of communication on Madison's part, or because of the cats not understanding my desire.  It is because that's not what the cats want.  And, this is the key to communication at a deep level, with humans as well as animals.  When we can see, understand and accept the truth, even if it's not what we want, then solutions present themselves.  And, through talking with the cats and understanding how they felt about the situation, solutions were indeed presented.

Buddy is older--now 15--and locked into his thoughts, perceptions and behavior.  As Madison put it, "He's rather hard-wired to act the way he does and it would take years of therapy to change him."  When he met me, he was an only cat and I rented the apartment where he lived for a month temporarily.  At the end of that month, his person asked if I wanted to take him because she could no longer keep him.  By that time, I'd fallen in love with him and the feeling was reciprocal, so there was no thought to the decision of "yes."  But, that meeting was the beginning of a perception that would make integrating Buddy into our family unit an insurmountable problem.

During our initial month together, Buddy came to think of me as his, and at this point he was still an only cat.  He thought of it as his job to love and protect me.  When he came with me to Albuquerque, even though I'd had an animal communicator in Los Angeles prepare him for meeting the girls, and he seemed excited to meet others of his kind, he didn't understand that the girls lived in the same house with us and that we were all one family.  The girls hostile reception of him didn't help matters any.  Buddy always thinks of the girls as enemy invaders.  He can't understand why they're in the house or why I'm nice to them.  He keeps them herded into the bedroom where he can control them.  In order to protect me, he has to control the enemy.  And, this perception is not going to change.  Okay.

So, now, instead of constantly hoping that Buddy will change, or the girls will change, I just get it.  Acceptance is key to any kind of solution or change for the better.  Once I accept his attitude, I can work with it.  This goes for humans as well.  It's amazing what our animals can teach us if we let them.

Negri doesn't really care about Buddy other than wishing he weren't here.  She just wants to be able to use the whole house.  Sophie hates Buddy.  She thinks he's useless and a mama's boy and can't figure out why I keep him around.  Sophie is very passionate.  She's never going to change and decide Buddy is okay.  Again, in order to work with her I need to accept her feelings, not deny them or hope they'll change.

So, the solutions that we arrived at are simple and doable, and came out of seeing things the way they are, not the way I want them to be.  Since Buddy was always an only cat until coming to live with me and the girls in Albuquerque, he was used to a lot of alone time, which he misses.  Therefore, now he will get to spend some alone time in my office every night while the girls get to come out of the bedroom and have the run of the house.  Win win.  They all get treats at the beginning and the end of this time period and couldn't be happier with the change.  We've done this for two nights now and it's working!  I also spend more time playing with all of them, which they enjoy immensely.

A change of larger proportions that I'm also making is to install a kitty door into my bedroom window so the girls can go outside.  They've been indoor kitties for a very long time but they want to be able to go outside, Sophie in particular.  When they had the run of the house they didn't mind staying indoors, but since Buddy now keeps them trapped in the bedroom, they need an escape hatch.  I have an appointment set for tomorrow morning for the kitty door person to come and assess the situation.  It's going to be a considerable expense that I wasn't expecting, but the results it will bring will be worth every penny.  And, it gives me a chance to expand into greater abundance, knowing that all my needs are always met.

I've also got three white candles a room burning in the house to release any residual energy of tension and conflict.  By the time the candles are finished burning, the kitty door should be installed in the window and the girls' world will have been expanded to include the backyard.  Sophie played with me and let me cuddle her while watching television last night.  Amazing!  And, I'll keep letting Negri know she can come out of the bedroom in the evening until she understands it.  Sooner or later, she'll realize there's no Buddy there chasing her back into the bedroom.  And, Buddy is happy to have his contemplative time alone.  Whew...

All of this change was possible because I was able to see the truth of the situation and then hear what was needed and implement it.  Once I let go of my agenda of "can't we all just be friends" it opened the door to a solution more based in truth than illusion.  We all have agendas based in illusion operating somewhere in our lives.  And, the persistent desire to have these agendas fulfilled is what prohibits us from seeing the truth of the situation and being able to find workable solutions.  It's the old way for us to think we can force our desires onto a situation, person or animal.  It's also very ego-centric to think our desire is the best idea anyway.  And, until we let go of our desire, we can't see what might be better that's just behind it.

It's not always easy to see the truth.  It can be very disappointing.  Letting go of our illusions and desires in order to see how things really are so we can respond to them in truth can be a difficult journey, but it's a journey worth taking.  It is one of my constant prayers to be able to see the truth of any and all situations.  But, I'm only beginning to understand what that means.  And, being able to see the truth of things requires a giving up of agendas, desires, expectations, will and control.  I don't think of myself as a controlling person, but that's another illusion I need to give up.  Do I have control issues?  Yes!  Do I impose my will on people, animals and situations?  Yes!  Do I have rampant agendas, desires and expectations running my life?  Yes!  I wish these things weren't true, but they are.  And, if I can't see that they are, I can't affect them.  We have to see it before we can change it.

When we're able to show up in our lives without agendas, desires, and expectations and allow each person and situation to reveal themselves in the truth of what they are, not only will we be able to respond more effectively and authentically, but life will become more exciting.  We won't be holding anything in the past.  We'll be allowing each day and each experience to unfold in the moment unhampered by any overlay of will or illusion.  Things will be able to reveal themselves to us that we couldn't have seen before because we would have been blocking it by our agendas, desires and expectations.  Once we take off the blinders and pierce the veils of illusions we've been putting on things, truth is able to come in and our experience of our world expands exponentially.

Seeing the truth of the situation with my cats is just a beginning.  I have a lot of agendas to give up; a lot of desires to let go of; and, a lot of expectations to release.  But, at least now my perception has been opened to the point where I can take that journey.  See the truth.  Be the truth.  Live the truth.  These are my prayers.  And, they're being answered, one step at a time.  Stay awake.  Be present.  Keep walking.  These are my mantras.  And, they're working as I take each step.  It is my wish that each and every one of us is able to live the truth, but I give that wish up in order that I might live the truth as it presents itself to me.  And, I know that you will find the truth as you are ready for it and I honor your journey.  And, once again, I am on my knees in gratitude for the depth of this awareness, for which I have no further words.

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