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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where is Your Focus?

I was having a conversation today with a friend who is afraid of Mitt Romney's current positioning in the presidential election.  And, because she doesn't want him to win the election, she was giving him a lot of energy.  She was talking about all his negative aspects and influence and going on and on about why she doesn't want him to be president.  And, she's not unusual in doing this.  But, the problem with doing this is that she was giving more energy to what she doesn't want than to what she does want, which is that Obama get elected for a second term as president.

When we complain about something or rail against something or someone, instead of giving them so much of our focus and energy, if we focused instead on what we want, we would not only feel better, but we would be putting our energy in the best possible direction.  Life assists us in manifesting what we put our focus on.  If we put our focus on things we don't want, we're giving them energy and bringing them into being.  And, often when this happens to us, we either can't figure out why the unwanted thing came into being, or we've put so much energy into it we say, "I knew it."

It doesn't matter what it is that we want, large or small, collective or personal.  As "The Course in Miracles" says, "There is no order of difficulty in miracles."  What we focus on is what we create.  We need to watch where our energy goes.  Am I focusing on what I want?  Or, am I focusing on what I don't want?  Whatever it is you'd like to bring into your your focus there?  Do you resonate with it?  Are you an energy match for it?

In regard to the election, we need to focus on the candidate we want to win, not the one we don't want.  Instead of complaining about the candidate we don't want, we can focus on all the reasons why we want the person we do.  The more energy we give the person we want, the more energy goes into the collective with that desire, and the more support there is for it manifesting.  We are each far more powerful than we usually give ourselves credit for.  Each and every one of us makes a difference.  Focus on who you want.  Focus on why you want them and concentrate on how it feels for them to win.  See and feel that as a reality.

Why do we give so much energy to what we don't want?  I hope this dynamic is changing for all of us.  Why do we allow our fears to rule us?  If we concentrate on what we want, instead of the fears we have about getting it or not getting it, then the fears will fall away.  They might not disappear, but they will recede and stop having the power to stop us.  We will move through them, and empower ourselves in doing so.  We will find solutions instead of problems.  We will see a way where there was no way.  A door will open that was previously closed.  An opportunity will arise that no one could have imagined or predicted.  Where is your focus?

I want Obama to win the election, too.  I focus all my energy on him and, in my reality, he IS president.  Mitt Romney holds no interest for me.  I give him no energy or attention.  I remember how happy and hopeful the entire world was when Obama won the last election.  And, I feel that now in regard to this election.  I feel we've been lifted up over the last four years.  Maybe not as much as we'd like, but we're on an upward trajectory collectively.  And, I'd like that to continue.  That's what I resonate with, that's what I feel, that's what I support.

Focus on what you want.  Make it real.  You are powerful.  Never doubt it.  See it.  Feel it.  Be it.

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