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Monday, August 20, 2012

There is No Time

Time as we know it is going away.  As that happens, we're all feeling the pressure of it disappearing.  We don't have enough time.  Time goes by so quickly.  "Where did the time go?" we ask ourselves.  What we perceive as a lack of time can be the cause of some anxiety.  How can we get everything done we think needs to be done?

One of the side effects of feeling we have less time is that we have to prioritize what's really important.  If we're feeling a time crunch, and are not sure we will have enough time to do what we want to do, then we need to figure out what needs to get done first.  What's the priority?  A lot of things that aren't really necessary have to fall away.  The time speed up focuses us.

Life is pushing us forward and helping us get used to the idea that there really is no time.  The speed up that we feel in regard to time is to help push us through into no-time.  Time will keep speeding up, we'll keep wondering how we can get everything done in less and less time that goes by faster and faster, until we let go altogether and surrender into no-time.  We'll resist and try to keep up until we crack and let go.  The anxiety we feel around time is our resistance to letting it go.  But, once we do, the relief will be huge.  At some point, we'll pop through the time barrier into a reality where time is no longer a factor.

Time has been, and still is, a wonderful teacher.  But, as we move forward in our development and are able to expand our consciousness and take full responsibility for ourselves and our reality, we start to need the concept of time less and less.  There is an underlying flow to life that is outside of time.  Time is a 3D mechanism and has served us well.  But, we're moving out of 3D into 5D and beyond.  And, as we do this, time will fall away.  And, as time falls away, we'll grow into experiencing the multidimensionality of everything happening right here and right now.

As time continues to slip away, our ability to control a lot of things we currently think we're controlling will slip away as well.  We're being forced into letting go of all the ways we've used to attempt to control our worlds.  Time is just one of those ways.  Once we're able to surrender into the flow of Life, our desire to try to control everything will fall away.  Life becomes so much easier when we surrender the idea that we need to control anything.  Moving with the natural flow of Life brings a grace and ease into our experience.

So, enjoy time while we still have it.  We might as well appreciate every last second as we try to wring everything out of it we can.  But, the only reason we do that is because we think there's a limit on it.  When the truth is, that we have an endless amount of time, because it's just a concept we're working with in the moment.  We open it up or shut it down.  We're not at the mercy of time because there is no time.  Remember?..."There is no spoon."  Well, there is no time.  

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