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Friday, August 17, 2012

On the Cutting Edge

Many people I've spoken with recently have mentioned that they're feeling anxiety for no apparent reason; that they're on edge and don't know why; that their nerves feel raw; and, that they feel very uncomfortably vulnerable.  So do I.  And, it's something we're collectively experiencing.

There is so much energy coming in to the planet right now...from our own solar sun; from the galactic center, also known as the great central sun; astrologically; and, from our brothers and sisters of other dimensions and other worlds.  This energy is coming to us to help us to clear out everything that holds us back in any way, and to help us raise our vibratory level in order to keep up with our planet, who is on her way to the fifth dimension and beyond.

We've all chosen to be here at this momentous time in Earth's evolution.  This amazing experiment of allowing those in human form to remain on the planet as she changes vibrational dimensions is a brand new experience in which we've all decided to participate.  Many of us have forgotten that we chose to be here during this time, and those of us who do remember choosing to be here really had any idea of what we were signing up for.  We just knew we had to be here.

We are in the process of transforming our physical bodies from a carbon-based system to a crystal-based system.  We're being given the amazing opportunity to do this while staying in the body.  Every other time this transition needed to take place, anywhere in creation, it was done by removing the life forms from the planet, letting the planet make it's dimensional adjustment, and then repopulating the planet with new life forms that were in alignment with the planet's new vibration.

There's a lot of energetic clearing of past patterns of limitation that needs to happen for us to ascend with the earth into a higher vibrational experience.  We can do this consciously, which a lot of us have been actively doing for many years now; or, we can be forced into it.  Life gives us endless opportunities to come into consciousness, release our patterns of limitation, and move into greater and greater levels of awareness.  But, however we might choose to go through this process of transformation, go through it we will.  And, for those who choose not to go through it at all right now, it will only mean that they get to leave the planet and continue their choice of vibrational expression in another place with which they resonate.  And, ultimately, after spending as long in 3D as they want, they'll also be given other chances to progress into higher levels of vibrational experience.  So, no one misses out!

But, right now, no matter how much work we might have done to clear ourselves energetically, we're all being pressed to move ahead quickly; to let go quickly; to lighten up quickly.  Our planet needs us to catch up now, and the energy and Light coming into the planet from various sources is helping us to do that.  As the Light comes in, it acts like an energetic plunger for us and releases a lot of past patterns and limitations very rapidly.  With this much energetic movement going on, it creates a feeling of anxiety.  Letting go of so much in a short time leaves us feeling very raw and vulnerable.  All the veils we've been using to feel safe and protected within ourselves are being stripped away.  And, as these old patterns and limitations move out, they flash through our consciousness as they go.  We have the choice of buying into them again, or of letting them go.  If we get caught in the energy that's trying to leave, it isn't able to leave.  We hold it in place by our attention, and by giving it our focus once again.  But, if we're able to stay conscious, and remember that the old energy is just trying to leave us and is saying good-bye on the way out, we can thank it as it goes and feel grateful that we're finally able to be free of it.

So, be kind to yourself.  If you're feeling anxious for no particular reason, just know and remember how much change on every level you're going through.  Learn to accept and allow unfocused anxiety and get familiar with feeling uncomfortable.  Just let whatever you're feeling be there; give it space but don't focus on it.  Remember that it's all moving, and let it move.  The more we can allow Life, in all its forms, to move through us, the more graceful our transition into our next phase of experience will be.  The more movement we're able to tolerate, the more change we're able to integrate, the more discomfort we're able to accept, the more at peace we'll be in the midst of whatever is occurring in the moment.

We're going to see some amazing and wonderful things in the years to come.  We're going to be so grateful that we were here in physical form to have this multidimensional experience; to take this ride; to go where no human has gone before.  A lot is being required of us, but we're all capable of rising to the occasion.  As many tracks as possible have been laid for us to follow, and where they end we're laying some new track of our own.  We chose to be here, at the cutting edge of Life happening anywhere.  We're being given so much support, on more levels than most of us are capable of understanding.  The more we can open ourselves to receive the fullness of Life on every level, no matter what is showing itself to us in the physical, and to accept and appreciate everything that shows up, the smoother our transition will be.

Ride this huge cosmic wave that is carrying us into new levels of Life with abandon.  Be grateful.  Be brave.  Be willing.  Be open.  Be unresisting.  Be fully alive.  Now is the time.  This is the place.  And, we are privileged to be here participating.

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