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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Living our Best Lives

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season.  We made it through the 12/12/12 and the 12/21/12, although with less fanfare than many expected.  We put such a burden of expectation on those dates that it would be difficult not to be a bit disappointed.  But, I do feel an upswing in the energy, and I do feel the new field grounding into our reality; or, us being uplifted into the new field, however one wants to look at it.

We had snowfall yesterday in ABQ, and today there is still snow on the ground.  From the look of the cars in the parking spaces below me, we got another dusting of snow in the night, which I'm grateful for; we need the moisture so badly.  It's been a very dry year for us so far.  But, I do enjoy the sun and the blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds.  Rabbits and roadrunners do their thing below me in the scrub of the open space outside my window.  And, all is well here.

I managed to get totally unpacked and settled into my new space for the New Year.  I'm loving my new apartment.  It's much smaller than my house, but has plenty of room for me and the kitties.  It's intimate and easier to clean and maintain, and the view is spectacular.

I think 2013 is going to be a good year.  It might hold some upheaval and tribulation, some dismantling of what no longer serves us and some restructuring, but it also holds endless possibility and creativity and inspiration.  We're through the portal that was 12/21/12 and we're into a new paradigm.  Time is gone, although we're so in the habit of time, that it might take a while for us to fully realize it.  Many of our soul contracts expired on the 21st, so now Life is wide open to whatever we choose to create.

Gaia is holding the 3D polarity as long as she can as she opens into 5D and the new field.  She's doing this to make the transition easier for all of us who are on the ride with her, but at a certain point, she will need to let go of the 3D matrix and move fully into 5D.  As long as we stay in sync with her as she makes her transition, we'll not notice any drastic changes along the way.  That's not to say it's all going to be easy, but at least not drastic.  Stay open to what comes and break the habit of 3D along the way.  When the 3D matrix finally falls away, those of us who want to make the transition with Gaia will want to be able to let it go and not go with it.

I encourage you to dream big, and to not limit yourself in any way.  Let's make 2013 our break-out year.  What is your heart's desire?  What is it that's been gnawing at you to give it expression?  Let yourself have it.  Let yourself be it.  Everything exists in the all of Life, it is for us to allow it into being.  Step into it.  The only limitations are those we impose on ourselves.  Let's take the blinders off.

However 2013 shows up, whatever it holds, and whatever each of us decides to do, I hope we're able to accept it all with grace and gratitude.  I hope we're able to allow ourselves the full expression of Life to flow through us unobstructed.  I hope the veils of our hearts drop away and we open into the fullness of the Love that we are.  I hope we all allow the creation of our heart's desires, both for our own benefit and for the benefit of all Life everywhere.  The field is open.  All possibility lies before us.  Let's live our best   

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