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Thursday, January 3, 2013

3D, 4D, 5D

In my last post, I talked about letting go of the 3D matrix, but I didn't talk about what 3D is specifically so that it would be clear what I was talking about letting go of.  As I was realizing the need to explain the dimensions, I found an email that had been in my inbox for a while that had links to videos on YouTube that I hadn't watched yet.  I decided to take the time to watch them, and low and behold, they had information about the dimensions that was very clear and helpful, which I'm going to include in this post.  The videos were of Jim Self, whose website is  If you're interested in watching the same videos I did, here are the links:

"Help!  3D Is Going Away" - Part 1 - about 15 minutes

"Help!  3D Is Going Away" - Part 2 - about 15 minutes
I haven't watched this video yet, but is seems to be the complete version of "Help!  3D Is Going Away" and it's almost two hours terms of what we are in the process of letting go of in the third dimension, the following should help in that understanding...separation; either/or; judgment; will; efforting; set and rigid thinking and belief; always/never; inflexibility; linear time; conditional thinking; rigid structures and concepts; carbon-based physicality; polarity; fear/safety; good/bad; shame/embarrassment/humiliation; past/future; reactive thinking and behavior based in the past; unforgiving; lies.  That should give you a good idea of how the third dimension works and the overlay of the way of being that it engenders.
When we find ourselves in judgment of another person or an event or way of doing something, we're operating out of our habitual third dimensional way of thinking.  When we feel ourselves being run by the restrictive concept of linear time instead of utilizing the flexibility of time to serve us, then we are operating from our habitual concept of third dimensional time.  If we're looking at something as either/or, this or that, instead of, this and that, then we're operating out of our habitual third dimensional concept of what's possible.  Wherever we catch ourselves feeling shame, embarrassment or humiliation, we're still operating in the reactive state of a 3D reality based on an event in the past.  If we can't forgive someone, or something we've done, or we're lying to defend ourselves from the revelation of some unwanted truth, we're operating within the old 3D matrix.

As we relax into the new field, these old ways of being will fall away.  But, the more aware we are of our state of being, the better able we are to catch ourselves when we move into the old habitual way of being.  The new field is here, it's for us to open into it, to relax into it, to lean into it, to let it support us and show us a new way.  We need to keep asking ourselves, "Is there a better way?" when we find ourselves in 3D operating in the old way.  And, new and better ways will reveal themselves as we go as long as we're open to them.  It's for us to be open to the new ways and to let go of the old structures and rigidities.

We don't talk about 4D as much as we do about 3D and 5D, but we move between all three dimensions all the time.  4D is present time, being in the now and moving in a place of choice, not reaction based on the past.  4D is flexible and open and full of paradox - what was true isn't necessarily true now.  4D time is not a fixed structure that runs us, but a flexible thing that can be utilized.  Anytime we're in a creative zone and forget the time, we're in 4D.  When we're fully present with what is happening in the moment, and filtering information and making choices based on that immediate, current stream of data, we're in 4D.  4D has always been available to us within the 3D matrix, and as we move into 5D, it will become more the norm than the exception.

5D is the new field that we're moving into, have moved into.  It is lighter, less dense.  We have less to work through to connect to the Divine and All That Is.  In 3D, we needed to have a strong will to get things done because of the density we were working in.  But, in 5D, it's about operating within the flow of Life and opening to what is already present.  It isn't to say that there won't be challenge, but the level of efforting we needed in 3D will not be needed in 5D.  In 5D, we will relax and open to the field and the path will reveal itself.  It will be for us to be willing to receive it and act on it, but we will have the revelation of what it is for us to do.

5D includes appreciation, gratitude, co-creation, beauty, dignity, integrity, unconditional ways of being, unity, and crystalline-based physical vehicles.  We know what all of these things are, but we are in the process of making these ways of being habitual.  In 5D, we will appreciate new ideas and ways of doing things instead of resisting them.  We will be grateful for what is rather than focusing on what isn't.  We will be in co-creation with each other and the new field, rather than working alone.  We will see and create beauty, and we will realize the dignity inherent in all Life.  We will operate in integrity for the good of the whole and not be ruled by selfish aims.  Greed will be a thing of the past.  All of our conditions that we impose on ourselves and others will no longer be in place.  We'll accept and appreciate each other for who we are, and not try to change ourselves or others in order to be what we think we should be, or to be what another wants us to be.  We'll be free to be ourselves, and to be the best we can be in our own authenticity; to create and express in co-creation with the All.  This is what is here now.  This is what we are opening into.  This is where we are all going.

All of us who embrace the new ways of being help the new field to become stronger for everyone.  Awareness is growing.  People are looking at better ways to do things that are good for the collective, that are good for the environment, that empower us.  People are questioning the old ways and seeing how they don't serve us anymore.  People are breaking out of the old limitations and restrictions that are no longer able to hold us back.  Old structures are falling apart to make way for new ways of being and doing things.  People are rising up to say "no" to violence, and are realizing that there is a better way.  There are endless positive signs of change and growth.  If we can focus on what is changing and growing for the better, instead of the remnants of the past that are fighting for their lives, we will strengthen what is trying to change and grow.  It is for us to move our focus from what was into what is.  It is for us to choose our reality, to open to the new field and connect into the All and leave the past to itself.
Our bodies are also changing from a carbon-based system into a crystalline-based system, and there are symptoms of this physical change that we will experience that won't be comfortable and might be confusing.  Our relativity to food will change and we won't respond to the foods we've always responded to.  Our typical way of eating will change and we will want different and new kinds of foods.  New kinds of foods will reveal themselves and old kinds of foods will lose favor.  My rule of thumb, in terms of any physical symptoms I might be experiencing, is that if they last for a week then I better get to the doctor.  If they come and go, and I seem to be okay generally, then it's most likely a vibrational transitional symptom.  Lately, I've been experiencing some vertigo and dizziness, but it comes and goes and doesn't seem serious.  When the base of our reality is changing, it can cause vertigo and dizziness until we adjust to the new level of vibration.  Each of us has to feel these things out to determine what might need medical attention and what we just need to ride out.  Being tuned in to our bodies, and making these types of determinations, increases our awareness in general.

Don't forget that we're not here by accident.  We're here because we wanted to be here.  We're here because we volunteered for this grand experiment.  We wanted to be among the first humans to ever experience the shift from 3D to 5D while in the body.  And, we're doing it!  We're already successful.  We're already there.  We're showing that this transition is possible for all life everywhere.  We're laying new track that will be followed for eons on other worlds and in other realities.  We're the pioneers and Earth is the frontier.  We're not on the Starship Enterprise, we're on Starship Earth, and we're going where no human has gone before.

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