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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stepping Back and Realigning

I don't want to do much of anything.  I don't have a lot of energy, and I'm not feeling inclined toward anything.  So, I'm not doing anything.

I've spent a lot of energy over the last few weeks looking for work.  But, nothing has opened up yet, and the whole process seems to be draining me.  I've lost all desire to not only go to work but to look for work.  Time to back off and take a break.

When things are in alignment for me, they usually happen pretty quickly.  And, when I decided to look for work in San Diego, the idea had energy.  But, all that energy has now dissipated.  And, all the doors have so far been closed.  That means a bit of a reboot is in order.  So, Life might be saying "no" to what I've been looking for; or, it might be saying "not now."  I'm not sure.  But, by taking a pause, I'm giving myself some time to see if things become more clear, or if inspiration comes in regard to something else.  Whatever comes next, without any clarity, I'm just spinning my wheels.

The new field isn't about pushing things or willing things to happen or spinning our wheels.  The new field is about alignment with what is of essence.  So, I need to realign and see what is of essence now.  Taking a step back and doing whatever brings me joy will be much more effective than pushing forward to look for work when everything is saying "no."

So, for now, the work search is off.  And, this week is about having fun.  And, that's something I have energy for.

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