Notes on the Journey

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Living DNA

DNA is not fixed.  It's changeable, and it changes to reflect our current state of consciousness.  As we grow and develop, it changes to reflect that.  It also upgrades through body communication with beloveds and friends.

As we communicate with those close to us, through the proximity of our physical bodies, we are also communicating cellularly and our DNA is exchanging information.  The more varied our DNA, the better.  It makes us stronger, and it opens up avenues for growth and change, that make growth and change more possible.

Anna, Saint Anne as she is known in the Catholic church, the mother of Mary and the grandmother of Yeshua (Jesus), was a highly developed spiritual adept.  She studied matters of the Spirit with masters in Palestine, Egypt, India, England, and throughout the Mediterranean area.  She was also a physical immortal, having mastered the practices of cellular regeneration.  She lived for 400 years before she was fully prepared and ready to birth Mary.  The level of light that Mary carried had to be brought forth through one who could match the vibration, or the pregnancy wouldn't have succeeded.  All of Anna's preparation and development affected and grew her DNA and raised her vibratory level.

Mary had Yeshua when she was 16 years old.  It was beneficial to the process of bringing him through to have him as young as possible while still ensuring the safety of them both.  She was protected within a community of Essenes who knew who she was and what she had been born to do.  She followed a course of spiritual study, developing herself for the task of birthing Yeshua.  Though she had a very high vibration herself, by birthing Yeshua while she was as young as possible, she was in a more pure state with fewer things to transmute within herself and was able to keep her vibration high enough to sync with Yeshua's.  To raise the level of the DNA that would be passed on to Yeshua even higher, Mary's DNA was combined with a combination of off-planet DNA, and although human, Yeshua brought with him a new hybridization of DNA to the planet.

Yeshua had a number of children, through whom his more expanded and informed DNA was passed on to the generations that followed.  And, when Yeshua's public mission was complete and he retreated to India with his wives and some of his children, the rest of the family dispersed themselves over far reaches of geography in order to spread their DNA throughout the world as best they could.  They were also in hiding and running for their lives from those who felt so threatened by their awareness and the light they carried that they wanted to kill them.

At this point in time, either through direct genetic transmission, or through physical proximity and energetic tramsmission, we all carry the DNA that Yeshua brought in to the planet.  We've all received the upgrade.  And, our DNA is continuing to upgrade and transform as our planet upgrades and transforms.  The DNA that was implanted in the time of Yeshua has done its job and brought us to the point where we can be receptive to the upgrades we're in the process of receiving now.

We travel much more now than peoples of the past.  And, as we travel, we are in the process of upgrading and expanding our DNA, which makes it more possible to receive and integrate the light infusions we're all currently being given.  As each one of us heals, transmutes the past, and raises our consciousness, we lift each other up.  None of us do this work alone.  Since the Life that lives us is the same, and we are all part and parcel of the same energetic field, we are inextricably linked.

So, know that you have Christed DNA in your chain.  It's there, affecting and transforming each and every one us every second.  It's been in the chain of planetary DNA for two millennia, working to prepare and open us for the planetary upgrade and vibrational change we're all experiencing right now.  We came in knowing what we were going to be participating in and wanting to be here.  We've prepared for lifetimes on more planets than this one to be ready for this opportunity to grow in consciousness and uplift our vibration in sync with our planet as we move into a new dimension.  And, we are ready.  No matter what it looks like in the world of form, we got this.


  1. Very interesting! I will have to read this post few times to get the full impact.
    Welcome back to Southern California by the way!

    1. I'm very excited to be coming back to SoCal!